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welcome to weekly fairy tale

Hello live journal, im actually going to start using you again! :D
Depending on what happens during the week i may post once or bi-weekly.

Paranormal activity

I havent updated my journal in a while D: But as the title says Paranormal Activity was great, its been a while since a movie startled me (lies i was scared) and just happens one of my friends stayed at my house over the weekend. He told me the morning after we saw the movie he slept with the lights on XD best thing i ever heard. Also this week is spirit week monday was jean day, yesterday was job day and today was decades day (my class got the 70's). Jean day was ok but yesterday i learned everyone wants to be a doctor or a nurse and one guy...was a mime. He was a big troll too >_> but he was entertaining, and today a friend of mine terrance looked pretty cool with his 70's attire. I see tomorrow being fun as well its class colors day (run from paint and silly string day basically) and our colors are purple. I dont think i have anything purple either D: Lastly i hate being home alone now XD

Rike cried! D:<

ugh schol

i started school monday and i hate my schedule for b-days, its so boring. I love my a-days though, my first 2 classes are art classes (graphic desigsn and sculpture). Sculpture is the best, today we had to make something with clay so i made a super hero, cape and all. He could stand as well but someone messed one of his legs up when we were presenting. My math class already gave us 2 pages to write.
Such is the life of a senior >_>

(my hair looks retarted)


gatorade in a can

Well for the past 2 days i was taking summer hsa classes, and it was all a mistake. On monday i was supposed to be up before the sun rises D: to catch the bus at 6:45am and i missed it ( well not really, but it was my fault) did something stupid, and ended up at largo to find out it was at flowers. So my dad took me there, and suprisingly i wasnt late! So when i got to my class it was really cold in there D: it was pretty bad, couldnt concentrate with all the shivering. We get breaks, so all we did is soak up the sun then go freeze once more. Our teacher was kinda mean and there was this really weird kid in our class, he got excited over everything. When it was time to go home i got on the bus, and found out ti takes like an hour to get home.
So yesterday morning, woke up late XD (6:20ish) and had to rush but i got out early and missed the bus again =_= he was coming out of a neighborhood down the street. Disappointment. Had to get a ride from my sister. This time i bought a hoodie with me so i wouldnt freeze. The 2nd part of the day, i felt the chill and i hated it so much, we had to write these 2 page essays and i feel asleep. I think i played it off well when the teacher was walkinng by me and asked if i was alright XD. Long ride home once again but with music.
So this morning i walked out the house at 6:30 (woke up late again XD) and the bus drove past me =_= i raged. Went back in the house and mom got mad so i went to take out the trash and bus pulled up outside of my house to pick me up. No more Rage!. It was the start of a good day. Bus ride to school is even longer XD so i tried to sleep, got there got free breakfast O: and the mean teacher randomly got transferred to another schol for summer program. Day was looking so bright. My class had to go see the guidance counsuler about new class, and i never asked her how many hsa projects i had to do and she said 7! i raged hard. Then she asked if i took that hsa test and i explained how i went to a private school last year and she said sit down we need to talk D: she told me i was exempt! and i was there for no reason, so i dont have to go back anymore and i can go to the 12 grade without any difficulties.
So no more waking up at 5:30 in the morning! Good thing i only suffered for 2 days, i hate getting out of bed before 8 or 9 despite my late night madness. I even got to go home early but didnt try to take a nap, too excited. Today was the first time ive seen canned gatorade. and forget my mispelling dont feel like spell check.


ice cream trucks

Highlight of my week was yesterday. Me and my sister were doing something in the back yard and this super loud tropical musiic started playing so we walked to the front yard to see the most amazing thing, this ice cream truck! it was all colorfull and loud so everyone and their grandma could hear it and see it XD. As for school ive take 5 of my 8 finals and 2 more days of school then im done! i wanted this post to be longer but i got side tracked and forgot what i was going to type~

star trek

so yesterday me and a few friends went to see star trek, and we were making so many sylar jokes XD  well first of all we went to white flint mall, it was pretty nice. i went to the game stop to get persona 4, AND IT WAS SOLD OUT! D: i wasnt upset ill just buy it another day. we had so much fun during the movie making jokes about spock or however you spell his name, and how he was going to start stealing peoples abilities by the end of the movie, and i was right. the movie ended around 10ish and while leaving i was dared to yell down at some girls sitting around a table "you guys are so sexy",i so did it for the lulz i got complimented too >_> and we had to walk past them to leave and i was sorta embarassed XD we went to H&M and i got dressed up D: and i was told im gonna be someones model. we sorta got lost trying to leave the parking lot and this one guy was like "wtf how do we get out of this shit" guy was so cool XD LOL and the funniest thing ive ever seen was a flyer about a prostitue and where she goes.


my dad is a jinxer

D: last sunday me and my dad were driving somewhere and he was telling me abut how he always wanted a motorcycle but he never got one because of its many dangers, so ironically while he was telling me this a motorcycle crashed >_> another highlight is on friday on my way to school, our bus drives pass a panda express and there were alot of people dressed like cheerleaders dancing and stuff, so i would guess its a commercial? XD im gonna look that up right now, does panda express even have commercials? D:

oh now for the thing that killed my week

on tuesday i was watching wcg ultimate gamer >_> and my favorite person on the show won, so naturally after watching them fight and stuff i went to bed all excited and had an awsome dream, that hyped me up to go to school the next day, and i over slept >_> i didnt get to school but day was still fun. thats all for now D:

dentist office

so i went to the dentist today after school, just a bit late to get there since dad forgot i had an appointment. Everything went well, nobody mentiontioned my 2 retarted teeth, they grew in this way (-) instead of the normal way (l). Last time the dentist talked about them they said they would need to pull 6 or so teeth, so i didnt say anything this time XD. Im so glad they are in the back of my mouth and not the front or i might be upset with them. The dentist also put this weird waxy stuff on my teeth i can brush it off in a good 20mins, she told me to keep it in for 4 hours. and I GOT A CAVITY FFFFFFFFFFF

feeling crabby D:

so glad week is over >_> i felt crabby wednesday-friday it was akward the class would be fun but then i felt terrible after its over. i so want march to be over! April seems like it will be an awsome month since there will be spring break that "pop the rock" thing at university of maryland and cobra starship concert.
I had the most fun i had in a while on wednesday though, after school i stepped over to the college(pg) and watched tenjho tenge(lol nothing new,it was my dvd after all XD) funny thing is i came in when it was basically over. After the anime showing, me, marguise,evee,amanda and melvin went to several stores in the shoppig center aross the street. me and marquise kept pickng up cutsie things, then it became a contest D:
Shortly after we went to subway, was so much fun. lol me and marquise were going back and forth about how much we hate each other and evee would translate it into something nice XD
Lastly i somehow got sick D:< i guess thats what i get for cutting grass yesterday afternoon <o<


great weekend(lol only friday)

well my friday started at 7am D: and i called melvin around 730 so i could meet up with him so we could make it to katsucon early and leave around 6ish~ i dont think we got there till around 930 though. so bus ride, then metro, then another bus ride, then hotel, long stairs walk(12 floor walk and ran up atleast the first 5 floors thinking i was awsome) and finally hotel room and rest! so when i got in the room there were several people there D: most were playing magic though >_> lassie, marquis and jojo is all i remember sadly. then kathy and i think amanda magically appearerd....and i dont remember much after that until we were going to mcdonalds and i was cosplaying kazu from air gear....chief kazu >_> someone had an appron and chief hat so i snatched it. but yea i remember going to mcdonalds and this truck pulled up and these 2 famailiar dogs hoped out and i was like.....confused then lassie ran over to this truck...still confused...then i realized it was mommykins jenn :D and thus began what i thought was a luggage carryinh journey...then i realized i wasnt carrying anything XD but the journey continued .FAN GIRL ATTACK #1 while i wasnt carrying anything this girl asked for a hug and called me cute then picked me up and swung me around......while my friends just walked away and laughed...i cried just a little...XDafter all the walking and stuff we actually made it to eat and everyone was making fun of me because i was the youngest one D: worst meal with friends ever XD lol i stuck my leg out and pulled myt pants leg up and a bus stopped XD running across the street to get back to places was never so fun XD FAN GIRL ATTACK #2 i was trying to save jenn and cathy from her but she got me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this time she ran away with me and i saw one of her friends.....i cried just a tad bit....i remember dancing on the elevator with this random person she had these headphones loud and i coul hear her music so i started dancing amd she did too, i saw her lik 3 times entire day. afer that i put on strawberry dress and hit the con floor D: so i got so many pictures taken >_> mostly guys which was so uncool XD i got dragged into womens bathroom >_> i tried to get away but it was too late, i had to hide XD we took  a quick picture and bathroom then i ran out D: a lady asked us 3 to step into a booth and get a picture....or 4 last one was akward XD FANGIRL ATTACK #3 ok elevator i thought i got lucky because i saw her come in so i slid down to the floor while jenn and kathy tried to cover me but she found me and i was like WTF HOW?!  and she proposed and stuff. lol i think i made someones day :D some girl was sitting alone so looked kinda sad then she looked up when me and melvin were walking by and she smiled and asked for my picture :D the world was happy XD uhhh i remember me and kathy went to dealers room togethr and then FAN GIRL ATTACK#4 was on escalator D:< this time i got outta there i heard her voice and turned around and she was running in our direction D: fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff finally success! no being dragged offi felt like i accomplished something! oh but later i messed up XD on the way back home melvin was talking then he suddenly stopped and i turned around and he wasnt there...so naturally im like wtf? i looked around like where could he disappear to? and he came from the opposite side...melvin teleported!
finally...saturday morning....always good to have some good ol saturday morning rage! so thats all for my journal D: